BSS Recycling

The recycling Division of BSS has grown tremendously since the early days when our major focus was providing cardboard collection service to commercial clients. In 2010, we contracted with our first municipal recycling customer to offer city-wide, single stream curbside collection services. Residents are provided with a 95-gallon rollout cart which is collected by our fully automated, side load truck, further increasing the efficiency of our services.

Benfield Sanitation Services opened our Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) under the name Iredell Recycling, LLC in Mooresville, NC during September of 2011. The state of the art 30000 square foot facility is situated on 6.5 acres which allows for future expansion of approximately 22,000 square feet of processing and storage space.

The facility currently employs 25 people and is capable of processing up to 63,000 tons of single-stream recyclables per year. Materials which are accepted and processed by the MRF are plastics #1 & #2, aluminum and steel cans, newspapers, magazines, cardboard and mixed paper. With the potential for future expansion of our operations, we are exploring the possibility of adding other materials such as e-waste, wood pallets and aggregates to our recycling list.

The construction of the MRF with its high-tech processing equipment, will enable us to increase both our collection and processing capacity, as well as more efficiently sort single-stream recyclables from our customers.


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